Our story

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending more than you earn. It's too easy to do in this consumer-driven world! Rize was built to turn that around, so you earn more than you spend. We bring a unique approach to help Rizers automatically save and manage their money one goal at a time all in one place.

Our Community

We're designers, data freaks, coders, support professionals, but most of all... we're Rize. Our community is inspired by doers. Those who are willing to work for an opportunity. Our Rizers want to succeed, want to do it better, and want to change the conversation around money.

"Rize wants to make it easy.

Ridiculously easy."

Andy Medici, Washington Business Journal


Meet the Team

The Rize team is comprised of investors, advisors, and leaders with extensive financial backgrounds. Our collective experience is what makes us unique and exceptional at what we do, which is help you save! At Rize, we believe that saving leads to a fuller and happier life :)

Justin Howell

Co-Founder & CEO

Kirk Voltz

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Julian van Giessen

Product Engineer

Erica Amatori

Marketing Lead

Aviva Stone

Community Manager

Chris Sharkey

Engineering Intern

Mizel Djukic

Co-Founder & Advisor

Rishi Kumar

Co-Founder & Advisor

Amanda Hyland


John Swigart


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