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5 Ways to Spend Less On Your Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. The turkey motifs, pumpkin pies and various cinnamon flavored sweets appeal to people across the nation. Unfortunately, it can also be a time to spend more money than planned, and with Christmas around the corner, it’s helpful to think about ways to cut costs. It’s totally possible to throw an amazing dinner without breaking the bank! Some of these tips might require a time investment, but perhaps that can be an opportunity to make some memories with family members or friends.

Have a potluck dinner

This is perhaps the best way to make sure that the onus of producing an entire meal is not only on you. Instead of spending days trying to come up with a menu that satisfies everyone’s tastes, get your guests involved and have each person bring a dish of their choice. This way, you can focus your efforts and costs on a main dish--like the turkey!

Buy your groceries in advance

One of the best ways to make sure your Thanksgiving spending doesn’t put you in the ditches is to purchase items early. Turkey stuffing is sold year round and is mostly non-perishable if you choose to opt for the premade mix. Moreover, you can swap fresh vegetables that you’ll be cooking with the canned versions! Perhaps the best way to utilize this tip though, is to buy a turkey and freeze it before the big day.

Look out for deals

In addition to buying your cooking ingredients in advance, it’s worthwhile to spend some time looking for discounts. Planning is paramount when it comes to holiday cooking, and using apps like Grocery Pal for Android and iPhone can help direct you to local stores that are having weekly sales. Don’t forget to go through the newspaper too! Many retailers offer exclusive deals on print.

Make your own decorations

This is the best way to really elevate your holiday experience! There is something primally satisfying about cutting things out and gluing and watching your efforts bear fruit in the form of a perfectly round pumpkin or carefully crafted fall-themed centerpiece. If you can get your friends, partner or kids involved this can be a great bonding activity. Plus, once you’re done you’ll have a beautifully decorated space that is warm and welcoming to all. Pinterest is your best bet to find inspiration.

Use real plates and utensils

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how much money Americans spend on disposable plates and utensils. Instead of filling your table with paper, truly ugly, plates and plastic cutlery, opt to use those perfectly simple white dishes you bought from Ikea. Just because it’s easier to throw something away, doesn’t mean it’s smarter! Plus, your guests will definitely appreciate the more formal dinner setting.

The holidays are a time to spend with the people you care about the most. Why not make it the best possible experience for everyone? Saving money doesn’t need to compromise the event, if anything it can make it all the more special. All it takes is bit of time before Thanksgiving to start planning and purchasing-- this is where Rize can help you save! After all, you don’t need more stress, cooking a turkey is hard enough.