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9 Trips You'll Want to Take This Winter

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With Halloween out of the way and Thanksgiving wrapping up in a few weeks, many of us are gearing up for the winter holiday season. The temperature is continuing to drop, and while it may seem like staying in is the best option, going way out can be the adventure of a lifetime this time of year. Whether you want to stay domestic or go international, there are tons of affordable options out there. Winter travel is all about timing and these places can be a great way to escape for a bit, so long as you plan ahead. That’s where Rize comes in--we’ll help you save for the trip!

Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s British Columbia province is full of lush forests, mountain ranges and bountiful nightlife in its main city of Vancouver. With mild temperatures reminiscent of Seattle’s climate, spending a few days in Vancity will be a great escape from wherever you are, especially the U.S West Coast. Vancouver is perfect for skiers too, Whistler is less than 90 minutes from the city and offers world-class runs and fine dining. Check here for flight deals.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sometimes flying to Colorado for those pristine slopes isn’t financially feasible. Fear not! Idaho offers a fantastic ski resort that is void of the crowds and high prices of some of its affiliates, like Jackson Hole and Aspen Snowmass. Moreover, Sun Valley is owned by the same parent company of the aforementioned resorts, Mountain Collective, so if you wanted to splurge later in the season you can use the same pass. Lastly, Sun Valley boasts a perfect, sunny climate--no windchill here!

Austin, Texas

Austin is a great deal in the winter, when its music festivals and heat are still incubating. February might be the latest time to go, most festivals start in March and draw crowds in the thousands. Thankfully, the space before this season is chock full of deals, with golf resorts and urban attractions slashing their prices. Most domestic flights should cost less than $250 round trip and hotels wholly encourage holiday travel.


Ever want to feel like you were travelling internationally but didn’t want to carry around a passport and go through customs? Hawaii is your place! Now that Southwestern is flying to the island and offering fares significantly lower than its competitors, travelling to this ocean paradise is an intelligent holiday investment. Avoid resorts to maximize your savings and stay in a hotel--the islands’ landscapes are resorts of their own, full of activities.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia is a stunning South American coastline lining the Caribbean. It’s festive, full of great food and music and most importantly, (looking at you East Coasters) it’s warm. The high season wraps up in mid-January, but hotel prices are lower than you’d think even during peak time. Check out some deals here and book a flight that should cost no more than $500 from most major cities.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

The beach sounds nice regardless of what season we’re in. Riviera Maya is a great place to spend your south-of-the-border winter, with endless palm trees and white sand beaches. Take a trip to Cancun, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen and enjoy the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza or the countless swimming caves lining the coast. Here’s a list of affordable resorts, since a flight won’t cost you more than $480.

Bangkok, Thailand

Southeast Asia is perhaps one of the most affordable travel destinations, year round. Moreover, the lack of a heavy winter makes it a great option for those trying to escape the cold. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a prime destination to experience vibrant food and culture while not breaking the bank. Here’s a comprehensive look at climates in the various regions of the country if you wanted to opt for the temples of Ko Samui and Pattaya.

Pangkor Laut Island, Malaysia

Keeping in the Southeast Asian regional focus, is Malaysia’s stunningly gorgeous island, Pangkor Laut. Sporting clear waters that would make the most seasoned vacationer’s jaw drop, the coast of west Perak is sought after by travellers worldwide. It is a small island, and while it may feel disconnected, it oozes exclusivity and luxury. Check out the belle of this ball: Pangkor Laut Resort.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is beautiful--and that’s not just an alliteration, it’s the truth. With round trip flights tapping out at $600, you can see the city’s famous Christmas markets yourself all while indulging in its youthful, modern vibe. One of Berlin’s newest hostels is contemporarily designed, completely affordable and in the center of the city. After all, you’ll be out all day enjoying Deutschland!