Do Your Savings Need a Rize?

June 21st, 2017

Many of us are familiar with the pay yourself first philosophy, so why are more than 80 million millennials still save nothing? Maybe they need to get acquainted with a web app called Rize.

Rize is different from some of the other popular savings products available today. Instead of doing round-ups or rules or purely algorithmic savings, Rize is modeled on the 401k, which is a proven saving mechanism that really helps people save lots of money because it forces you to pay yourself first.

Rize gives you the ability to save for goals you set that add value in your life, like retirement, a vacation, or a future purchase. You can have multiple savings goals at once which all help you start building a saving habit and separate this behavior from spending.

Rize differentiates itself from traditional brick and mortar banks by offering higher interest, in fact 15X higher.

Cost? Rize uses a pay what you want model (PWYW) so you decide what the use of the app cost. Ready to sign up? Let’s dig in.

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