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How was FinCon 2017?

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Erica Amatori

Marketing & Growth Lead @ Rize

In one word: Amazing. Wait, scratch that, I can't just do one...insightful, marvelous, unbelievable, lively, welcoming. The finance community as a whole is more than just amazing.

What goes on at FinCon?

A lot happens at FinCon. And if you think you know everything about finance, you're wrong. I met so many intelligent people and learned from their stories. What makes all of them incredible bloggers? It's how truly intimate they get. Transparency is everything in this community, which is part of the reason everyone is so close.


They provided many valuable workshops with influential speakers. FinCon had everything from podcast workshops to creating courses to going from making $6k a month to $100k with a blog. My personal favorite was done by Millennial Money. Some of the best advice I gained was: Invest in yourself. Give value to get value. Don't forget your brand and your why.


The expo was a place where all of the vendors gave out tons of free swag, along with pitch who they were and what they do. The coolest booth award goes to Student Loan Hero. They had two artists make digital charactertures, and they were spot on! All in all, I met some great companies and learned what's on their roadmap. It's an exciting time to be a fintech company!

Niche meeetups and mentoring

There was a niche meet up for just about everything. If you were a business woman, an investor, a real estate blogger, a retirement writer, name anything and they have a meet up for it. FinCon also had one-on-one mentoring sessions with all of the A-listers in the space. You had one hour with someone and could ask them anything, as well as learn from their experiences. I personally did not participate in this, but it looked cool.

One thing I haven't touched on yet is FinCon's communication and how well it was organized. They had an awesome app where you could organize your schedule, direct message people, and follow the events. They had a slack channel where all of these niche groups could talk and get to know each other before the event. Lastly, they have a facebook group where everyone discusses finance and their experiences. Well done PT Money!

The social networking and parties

The best learning happens outside the sessions, during conversations and networking. This is 110% true, ask any person who went. But don't worry, FinCon records all of the sessions/workshops, so if you miss one it's not a big deal.

Overall, I think I met 80% of the people at parties or get-togethers that happened outside of the conference. My number one piece of advice is to release your inner social butterfly, let it be free! Go to bars, make friends with anyone and everyone, no matter if they're just starting out, or if they're a total pro.

What tips do you have if I want to go?

  1. Ask people about their story and learn from their experiences. Ask for help when you need it.
  2. Network, network, network. Start plugging yourself into this friendly community.
  3. Be authentic and transparent. Don't sugar coat anything.
  4. Take action and be you! The FinCon community will always have your back.

Who did you meet?

Who didn't I meet is the real question...

  • I met one of my favorite podcasts, so that was amazing. Thanks for the great conversation, Optimal Living Daily!
  • Paula from Afford Anything, you taught people how to truly write and give value, thanks for the great key note! Enjoyed sipping on those weird dry ice cocktails with you!
  • Jessica Moorehouse, my fellow Canadian! Glad we could share our love for poutine and connect.
  • Pete McPherson, you were one of the first people I met there, and I know why. This guy wins the social butterfly award. Thanks for introducing me to people!
  • Route to Retire and The Retirement Manifesto, you two were the funniest people there. Thanks for hanging! It was great to see two Jmoney's attended this year. ;)
  • Fire Drill Podcast, killing the game, keep it up!
  • Fetching Financial Freedom, "Ohhh you're the dog!" hehe
  • Coach Carson, it was great dancing with you at the costume party! Your story is a cool one.
  • ESI Money, you're just pure awesome. Thanks for all the intros and also just some good talks.
  • Making sense of cents, it was great meeting you at The Woolworth! Glad to have met.
  • Deacon from Well Kept Wallet, your speech/workshop was on point and so well done!
  • Guy on Fire, Apathy ends, Miss Mazuma, what a squad, I'm looking forward to see you all grow!
  • It was a pleasure meeting friends Joe from Stacking Benjamins (Who can probably describe Rize better than I can), Jim from WalletHacks , and the hustler Finacial Panther.
  • Fiery Millenials, you were awesome on your panel, it was so great meeting you!
  • The Mastermind Within, you're just an all around great guy, thanks for hanging out!
  • Wealth Well Done, your story was amazing, can't wait to hear more.
  • My Money Wizard, it was fun hanging out throughout the conference! We'll stay in touch for sure.
  • Investor Junkie, it was nice to finally meet you and put a face to the emails!
  • ChooseFi guys, the sports bar was always a fun time, it was great to hear your story.
  • Broke Millennial, it was nice meeting you and congrats on winning the award!
  • Amanda Holden, you definiteLy had the best costume.
  • The Thrifty Couple, attaching candy to your business cards was the best idea ever. Thanks for helping my fading voice!
  • Keepthrifty, it was fun going to the Woolworth!
  • Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation, so glad I got to chat with you!
  • It was cool to meet Financial Best Life, her brand is always on point.
  • Cashlorette had a booth in the expo, and they killed it! I'll come up to New York and visit soon.
  • Waffles on a Wednesday, I still want a waffle pin hehe
  • Young yet wise, I still remember we met for maybe 5 minutes, but the bond was real. I also remember your colorful outfit!
  • Kara from Bravely, it was awesome to meet you and sit in on your panel! Let's watch New Girl and go hiking some time!
  • Debt free divas, looking forward to listening to your podcast, and the panel was great!

Thank you ALL for making my first FinCon a memorable one! I am so excited to watch you grow and see you help others with your stories. Until next year!

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