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Rize vs Stash vs Acorns

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When it comes to personal finance in today’s tech age, there are countless options to choose from. Rize, Stash and Acorns are three platforms that strive to increase your financial prowess. In this article, we’ve broken down the services each one offers and how they differ. At the end, you’ll know the correct one for your saving and investing needs.

Fundamental Investment Differences

Rize is both an automatic savings and investing account for what matters to you. Create savings goals to automatically save while earning 1.65% interest, as well as access investment goals to reach those longer term goals (such as a home down payment). Rize allocated your investments into a unique balance of cash, stocks and bonds so you reach your goals smarter and faster. Your funds are are invested and allocated based on when you need it. Lastly, the money in your Rize portfolio is constructed from the 2 main, low-fee ETFs that represent most of the global investment universe.

Stash is also both a savings and investing account, though their savings portion only provides .55% interest, which is lower than the national average. Stash uses a semi-automated approach to investing--you set a weekly budget and they help you choose how to invest it through their 30 different investment options. The investment options are exchange traded funds (ETFs) consistent with an investment theme (such as “Clean and Green” or “American Innovators”) and makes recommendations based on your budget and portfolio.

Acorns also helps you invest, but does so by connecting your credit/debit card purchases and rounding them up to the nearest dollar so the spare change is deposited into your Acorns investment account. It is fully automated and occurs for each purchase with a card you have linked with the app. You can control how high it rounds in order to meet your needs. Since the amounts are typically less than $5, Acorns is considered a micro-investing app. The money in your Acorns portfolio is constructed from six ETFs.

In essence, these three platforms function on automation, but differently. The key distinction here is that Rize is focused on diversifying and balancing your investments as well as increasing your savings, while Stash is more for the beginner investor and saver who likes to follow trends, and Acorns is more geared towards getting spare change whenever you can while not thinking about it (aka. not for the long term investors).


Rize allows you to apply Power Ups to your goals, which automatically increase your savings. Accelerate pushes you to save more by automatically increasing your monthly savings deposits by 1% each month. Boost monitors your checking account and pulls out a bit of spare change when it makes sense, usually once or twice a week. You can turn these features on or off whenever you want.

Stash Invest allows you to supplement your portfolio with your own investment choices. This will provide you with more investment options.

Acorns is currently beta testing partnering with certain brands, including 1-800 Flowers and Dollar Shave Club, with more on the way, in which the merchants will also invest in your Acorns account.


Stash requires a $5 minimum deposit.

Rize does not require a minimum deposit, we want you to focus on creating your personal goals. Acorns does not require a minimum either.


In terms of fees, Stash and Acorns both require $1 per month from accounts less than $5,000, and $1 per month plus 0.25% of the account’s holdings per year when their account reaches above $5,000.

Rize operates on a “Pay what you want” model, so you can pay anything from $0, $2 or $4 a month...the choice is yours. We only make money if they are making your life better! To access investment goals, we ask for a contribution of $2 per month and .25% of assets under management.


Saving money is something that needs to be planned out, and yes, it can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if you could create savings goals and complete them easily based on your timeline. This way, you create a consistent, intentional approach towards your personal finances. Maybe this is a good time to introduce you to the Rize saving account. You set the parameters of what you want to save for, and Rize does it for you.

Rize gives you the decision-making power to make saving money more intentional. You choose your goals and then decide how often you want to save (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, daily), and when you need it. Rize will then automatically save for you and help you reach your goals while earning high interest. At any time, you can turn a savings goal into an investing goal where it allocates your money in a balance of cash, stocks and bonds.

Stash does offer a savings account, however it is based upon a calculation on their end. Once you connect your checking account with them and based on your average monthly spending, Smart-Save will determine when you have spare money. It then will be deposited into your Stash account where you can decide to invest or save. This type of saving is comparable to the philosophy behind Digit, where the algorithm is in control. Unfortunately, it offers an interest below the national average. Overall, it’s not the best option, you lose control over your savings and don’t get the money you deserve.

Acorns does not currently have a savings account.


Acorns and Rize both are mobile-friendly web applications. Acorns is available as an application for both iOS and Android devices; the Rize app is set to launch at the end of February 2018.

Stash is not currently available for web access and functions solely as a mobile device application for iOS and Android.


Both Acorns and Stash are meant for investing small amounts of money. These apps are more meant for novice investors who want to round money without thinking about it, or invest in “themes”. Rize is more goal based and focused on how you want to live your life. No matter if you want to reach a goal in the short or long term, Rize can help you get there on time while earning more faster.

By selecting one of these investing options, you can accumulate an investment portfolio without even knowing you’re doing it! Happy investing.