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What The Rize Life Truly Means

July 12th, 2017

Here at Rize, we're always busy making improvements and building more value into our product. Even when our earphones are in and we're hyperfocused...we never forget to take a break, crack a joke, or drink a beer with the team (And with free beer at the office, it’s difficult not to love working here).

Rather than blogging about our pitch, we wanted to show you what we truly stood for.

The Rize Life is...the freedom to do anything you please.

If you want to go to Bali, go! If you want to drop 80 bucks on a bottomless brunch, dine like a king/Queen! If you have an unexpected car problem, don't feel stressed! The Rize life is the freedom of being able to live the lifestyle that you want to lead, wherever and whenever you want.

The Rize Life is...the confidence you get from being secure.

Financial security definitely gives you confidence. Being debt free is sexy. Walking the streets like a boss and knowing that you're mastering the game of life is the best boost of confidence you can get. We believe that a good life also takes feeling good about yourself too.

The Rize Life is...the pride in reaching your goals.

The pride you get when you achieve something is a feeling like no other. We are driven by goals, driven by rewards, driven by happiness...but the strongest drive is that feeling you get inside when you do crush it. Plus, that goal can be as little as buying a new laptop (Which our Head of product just did), or as big as buying a new house.

The Rize Life is all about YOU and your goals, and we want to hear from YOU! Tweet at us, email us, Facebook us...tell us what Rize TRULY means to you.

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