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Your Rize account got a new look

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Erica Amatori

Marketing & Growth Lead @ Rize

Rize has a new look

Your Rize account just got a makeover, and saving has never looked so good! The interface is cleaner and simpler, so it's easier for you to save and reach your goals. Plus, you can now personalize your account more than ever before.

Goals as unique as you are

You can now customize your goals with emojis and get suggestions on what to save for next! It's more fun, it's more personal, it's more you.

More flexibility for your goals

Whether it’s a specific dollar amount, a target date, or just to stash away a little each month—our new goal features are designed to fit your needs. Add a new goal to try it out!

Power Ups

Not only does Rize provide an interest rate that's 17x the national average, but now you get Power Ups to help you reach your goals faster than ever before!

Accelerate gradually pushes you to save more by automatically increasing your monthly savings 1% each month. If you’re saving $200 this month, next month it will be $202.

Boost monitors your checking account and pulls out a bit of spare change when it makes sense, usually once or twice a week.

About Rize

Rize uses one account to set, save, and track all of your financial goals. From an emergency fund to a life-changing vacation, we help Rizers automatically save for goals they care about. With Rize you get an interest rate 17x the national average and Powers Ups that can help you save faster than ever. You work hard for your money, and your money should work hard for you!