We built Rize to help you handle your money with confidence

Automatically save for the life you want

We’re reinventing the savings account.

+ $100 pending$750.00Travel
$18,200.00New Car

One account for all your savings goals.

You save for a reason, not “just because”. Goals give your money purpose, and your Rize account allows you to save for as many goals as you want, all in one place. No need to keep track of multiple accounts.

Save automatically.

Ready to put your savings on auto-pilot? Rize automatically moves money from your checking account to your Rize account on a schedule you choose, so you make saving a habit. It’s no-stress progress towards the future you want.


Power Ups to reach your goals faster.

The more you save, the faster you get to live to the life you want. Power Ups help you increase your savings over time, get the most out of your savings, and make saving overall more fun and rewarding. Learn More.

Your money works
as hard as you do.

Every little bit counts. Why leave your savings in a bank when the average interest rate is 0.06%? Your Rize account earns interest at 0.90% APY, 15X the national average. That’s your money working hard for you.

Rizers are saving for goals worth


and take control of your future

The only savings account you’ll ever need

Safe and Secure

Money in your Rize account is insured up to $250,000 and Rize uses 256-bit encryption end-to-end.

0.90% APY

Cash in your Rize account earns interest at 15x the national average.

Unlimited Goals

Save for 1 goal or for 100. Whatever you want to save for, you can do it with your Rize account.

Unlimited Transfers

Move money in and out of your Rize account anytime you want for free. Transfers typically take 2-3 business days.

No Minimums

It doesn’t matter if you save $5 each month or $5,000. Saving for the future you want, that’s what counts.

Pay What You Want

You choose what you pay to use Rize. 100% transparent with no hidden fees. We’re not kidding.