Build Customer-Centric Financial Applications

One easy and flexible integration across multiple account types.

Powered by Synthetic Accounts

Seamlessly integrate checking, saving, and individual brokerage.

Checking & Savings Accounts

Fully compliant FDIC insured checking and interest bearing savings accounts enable ACH, wire, internal transfers and direct deposit all through a single integration.

Brokerage Accounts and Robo Functionality

SIPC protected brokerage accounts with the ability to choose out-of-the-box investment models, or customize your own.

Joint and Multi-User Accounts

Ability to add multiple users to the same account. Assets are never co-mingled and therefore can easily be joined or de-coupled.

Card Issuance and Management

Generate and issue customized physical and/or virtual debit cards to gain access to interchange fees.

Unmatched Speed and Versatility

White Label

Get to market quickly by putting your branding on our fully functional bank-in-a-box.

Introducing Synthetic Accounts

A single synthetic account can blend the capabilities of multiple custodial accounts.

Multiple synthetic accounts can be created from a single custodial account.

Multiple users can be attached to a single synthetic account.

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