Better Banking Together.

A new way to bank together. Build the life you want as a couple, while maintaining your independence.

My Account.
Your Account.
Our Account.

Why should joint banking be all or nothing? 
With Rize you’ll get one account for shared finances and one for indivdidual use. You decide what goes into each.

Money in Your Pocket

Decide how much of your paycheck to allocate across your joint and individual accounts. We’ll automatically distribute your money to your bills, Rize checking account, and savings goals.

Set Up Direct Deposit

Get the full benefit of Rize by setting up direct deposit! Your paycheck will automatically distribute across your individual and joint accounts.

Don’t want to set up direct deposit? No worries. You can easily set up recurring transfers by connecting an existing bank account.

A Better Way

to Autopay

Never fight over who’s paying for Netflix again. Connect your bills to your Rize joint account, decide how much you each want to contribute and we’ll take care of the rest.

How Rize Bill Pay Works


Select your bills from thousands of providers.


Add bills to your Rize 
checking account and choose how to share the expense with your partner.


Forget about it! 
The payments will automatically go out every month.

Rize will move money from each partner’s paycheck so you always have the right amount to pay the bill.

Rize Visa® Debit Cards

You each get 2 debit cards. One for your joint account, and one for your own personal use. Our Rize Visa<sup>®</sup> Debit cards can be used anywhere Visa’s are accepted and are equipped with EMV chip protection. 

Effortlessly Save For the Future

Goal based saving and investing allows you to effortlessly save for what matters most. Our cash savings is perfect for an upcoming vacation or wedding, while our ETF investments are perfect for long term goals, like a college fund or retirement.


Give Your Money a Purpose

Create personalized savings goals across your individual and joint accounts. Easily convert individual goals into shared and decide how much you each want to contribute.

Put Your Savings on Autopilot

Set up recurring deposits into any of your savings goals. You’ll know exactly how much is getting put away into each goal for every pay period.

2.15% Interest

Maximize your saving with our high interest rate. You’ll make money while you save money.


Investing That’s Easy to Understand

Why pick stocks when you can own the whole market. We invest your goals for you into a set of exchange traded index funds (ETFs).

Timeline-based Balance of Cash, Bonds & Stocks

Assets balanced for when you want to reach your goal. Shorter goals, we invest conservatively. For longer goals, we invest more aggressively.

Easily Track Your Progress

You’ll always know how your investment goals are doing and we’ll give you suggestions on how to reach them faster.

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