Investing with Rize

How We Invest at Rize

Investing is key to ensuring your money works as hard as you do. We built Rize Invest to make it simple for anyone to invest correctly for their financial goals. But what do we mean when we say “invest correctly”?

Don’t pick stocks, own the whole market. We invest your goals into a set of exchange traded index funds (ETFs) to get your portfolio exposed to the entire stock and bond market. This unique balance of cash, stocks and bonds puts you on the right track of saving and investing smarter.

How much risk you can take comes down to your time horizon. Rize is built around goals, which allow you to divvy up your savings by different time horizons. Our automatic ETF and cash allocation for each of your goals is dependent on the specific time horizon you set.

Keep it simple. Investing shouldn’t be hard. Rize helps you be thoughtful about your goals, timeline, and investments so you correctly take on the amount of risk you can afford.

How We Minimize Fees

Fees eat away at your hard-earned money and are a killer for your investments. Here at Rize, we will always try to minimize them as much as possible.

The Big Banks vs Rize

Traditional financial advisers charge 1% or more annually of the money you invest with them. At Rize, you only pay a monthly fee plus 0.25% annually on the assets in your investment goals. To put that in perspective, if you invested $10,000 with a traditional adviser charging 1%, that would cost $100 per year. With Rize, that same $10,000 investment would cost you $26.50.

If you want to read even more, check out the full article on our investing philosophies!

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