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Rize Power Ups

At Rize, everything we do is designed to empower our users to reach their goals and live their best life. The idea behind Power Ups is to take that ethos to the next level by adding features that will help you increase your savings and get the most out of them.

We’ve launched the first two already – Accelerate and Boost – and we have more on the way. Stay tuned!


Accelerate gradually pushes you to save more by automatically increasing your monthly savings by 1% each month. If you’re saving $200 this month, next month it will be $202. Do that for a year and you’ll be saving almost 13% more than you are today, so those little increases make a big difference!


You know that feeling when you find an extra $5 in your pocket? That’s the feeling you get with Boost. Boost monitors your checking account and pulls out a bit of spare change when it makes sense, usually once or twice a week. Transfers will range from pennies up to $5 or 5% of your monthly savings (whichever is lower). Your scheduled deposits will still be the vast majority of your monthly savings, but Boost will give you that little extra, well, boost!

Power on your Power Ups

You can turn Power Ups on and off any time you want in the Profile section of your Rize account.

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