Pay What You Want

Rize Pay What You Want Model

Rize was built to solve a real problem that faces real people. Everything we do stems from the core question of what do Rizes want and need. We know one thing, Rizers don’t need more fees.

Instead of charging you for saving with Rize, or sneaking a dollar fee here and there, we ask you. Hold us accountable, tell us what Rize is worth to you.

Your monthly contribution is more than a buck or two to help us keep the lights on. Your dollar tells us we’re doing something meaningful for you. Your dollars says work a little harder to make Rize even better. Your dollar proves we’re solving a major problem, together. To you it might be change from your monthly savings, but to the Rize community, your voluntary contribution is a statement of change among our generation.

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Rize proudly offers live support from real people. Just like you, we're not always in the office over the weekends. We work to answer all inquires within 24-hours Monday-Friday.