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Use this calculator to lay out your monthly fixed expenses, including your monthly savings. The amount left over is your monthly Safe To Spend that you can spend entirely guilt-free.

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Our Philosophy

Budgeting Doesn’t Work

The philosophy behind budgeting is that you save what’s left over after you’ve accounted for all of your spending. Guess what? In a world designed for spending, spending wins when it's put ahead of saving.

The Rize Way: Save Before You Spend

At Rize, we treat saving as just another monthly fixed expense–no different than your rent–that you pay every month. That’s what is meant by the phrase “Pay Yourself First”: put saving ahead of your spending. That way, you can spend what’s left over completely guilt-free because you’ve already taken care of your future. It doesn’t matter if you don’t start out saving much. The important thing is that you make saving a habit and you do it every month without fail. We’ll help you increase your savings over time.

Based On Psychology

The reason that paying yourself first works so much better than budgeting is actually rooted in psychology. We humans just aren’t wired to deal with the multiple rules of budgeting. Don’t spend more than $200 on food, $100 on clothing, $75 at the bar, etc. etc. … it makes your head explode! Plus, budgets are completely inflexible and can't adjust to the fact that your spending can change dramatically month to month. Life doesn’t follow your budget!

However, when you treat saving as just another fixed expense and put it ahead of spending, then you only have to deal with one rule: don’t spend more than what’s in your checking account. It’s your Safe To Spend, and you can spend that money completely guilt-free. Plus, it’s completely flexible. It doesn’t matter if what you spend your Safe To Spend money on changes wildly month to month. As long as you don’t spend more than what’s in your checking account, you’re all good.

Here’s a great article if you want to learn more: The Annoying Psychology of Why You Can’t Stick to a Budget

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